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The idea of Just Sisters grew out of an age-old tradition of women helping women. In many cultures, whenever there was a community need, the women would come together and pool their resources to meet that need. It is a tradition and practice that has been passed down through the ages.

For me, the Just Sisters journey began almost 30 years ago. I had returned to my grandmother's home in the middle of a very difficult and painful divorce. While there were no visible scars, I was a shell of myself. My grandmother was the oldest of seven brothers and sisters. She called her three sisters and told them that my son and I needed their help. My great-aunts, in turn, called their daughters to assist my son and me. Before long, I had a community of women who helped us find our way back to familiar.
As a tribute to this community of women, I wrote a poem titled Just Sisters.

From their act of kindness and my expressed gratitude, the community

of Just Sisters began.
As a writer, I use my voice to celebrate and empower women

and girls. While Just Sisters began as a poem, my company has grown

into a social enterprise. The products I create are produced primarily by

hand and by underserved women. Through the sales of

Just Sisters products, my goal is to build an empowerment center

for women where every need will be met.

I welcome you to the company of Just Sisters!


Rev. Dr. Rhonda Rhea


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We love you and thank you for everything.


It started with a poem...


Just Sisters began as a poem. It serves as a tribute to the relationship that sisters share. Poetry-centered, Just Sisters has developed an exclusive line of products to inspire and empower people, particularly women and girls. Elegantly produced, these products are ideal to use as part of your gift-giving or fundraising initiatives. Whether to honor a sister or a friend, these products make a statement. All of our products are produced in the United States by women or women-owned companies.

Just Sisters produces predominately pink products. Pink happens to be my favorite color; however, pink has come to mean so much more. I am a breast cancer thriver, having lived with active cancer off and on for the past 18 years. I am still alive today due to my faith, a ton of prayers, and sheer will and determination to live.

Today, the color pink used in our products serves as a symbol of hope and as a symbol of a survivor. I hope in sharing these products that people will be inspired to know that they can overcome whatever adversity comes their way. There is always hope and unlimited possibilities!

Rev. Dr. Rhonda Rhea